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iPage is one of the lowest cost web hosts in the industry with a $1.99 per month sign-up offer for unlimited website hosting on a shared Linux server. You get a free domain registration, “one click” installation of hundreds of web scripts, a site builder, and $200 in free ad credits with a new account. iPage’s shared Linux hosting offers support for unlimited storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases on a vDeck platform with Mojo Marketplace. The company has recently launched a managed WordPress hosting service on an optimized server environment with developer sandbox tools, a custom administration panel, and enhanced security features. iPage also has inexpensive VPS and dedicated server plans running CentOS and cPanel that can be used for website upgrades. All of iPage’s web servers are load balanced for faster network speeds and page load times on hosted websites.

Some key features of iPage:

  • Cheapest monthly rates in the industry for shared Linux hosting with unlimited domains
  • Uses vDeck instead of cPanel for shared server administration and domain management
  • Load balanced server network with pooled resources and dynamic routing of web traffic
  • Provides integrated web development, SEO marketing, and technical support as paid upgrades
  • VPS and dedicated server plans run CentOS 6.4 with a free cPanel license provided in the cost
  • WordPress plans include developer sandbox tools with “one-click” publishing to go live
  • Hundreds of free web scripts (CMS, blogs, forums, wikis, eCommerce, etc.) in Mojo Marketplace
  • Seamless integration of Google Apps for Work to use domain name accounts with gMail

iPage hosting plans provide all of the basic tools required for LAMP development at an affordable price so you can get started building a web presence for a small business quickly. You can easily install CMS scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla on the service using vDeck, or launch an ecommerce store on open source platforms like OScommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. to manage your product sales online. With the included web marketing resources, user traffic analytic tools, integrated Google Apps support, and free ad credits to promote your domain, you can boost website visibility through sales, promotions, and special offers. iPage makes it simple to transfer any domain on shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated server plan if your web traffic scales. The experienced systems administrators at iPage manage server platform security and automated back-up services for website files are included in all hosting plans. You can even contract with professional web designers, SEO marketing specialists, and technical support agents at iPage if you need more help. Take advantage of the new account discounts at iPage by using our 2017 coupon for even more savings on a hosting plan.


Everything You Need to Know About iPage

iPage is one of the best choices in the industry for high-performance web hosting, suitable for small business websites, independent web publishing, ecommerce stores, and blogs. The company is a Certified CNET Hosting Provider and accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

  • SERVICES OFFERED: Shared Linux Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, & Dedicated Servers
  • PRICE RANGE: $1.99 to $189.99
  • SERVER LOCATIONS: United States (Boston, MA)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Phone, Live Chat, & Issue Ticket System
iPage is a small web hosting company that focuses on a few core platform services, providing shared Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS plans, and dedicated servers at competitive prices to customers. iPage also offers professional web design, SEO marketing, and technical support services to clients in association with their web hosting plans as an additional paid upgrade targeted to small businesses, independent web publishers, non-profit organizations, and ecommerce stores.


Plan Name:# of Sites:Bandwidth:Panel:Price:

iPage only offers one shared Linux hosting account, but provides support for unlimited domains, storage, bandwidth, and databases on the plan at only $1.99 per month at introductory sign-up rates.


Plan Name:# of Sites:Bandwidth:Panel:Price:
WP StarterUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom$3.75/mo
WP EssentialUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom$6.95/mo

The two WordPress hosting plans at iPage have different levels of server optimization, technical support, and security features available on each service that determine the price variation between the accounts.


Plan Name:RAM:Storage:Transfer:Price:
Basic1 GB40 GB1 TB$19.99/mo
Business4 GB90 GB3 TB$47.99/mo
Optimum8 GB120 GB4 TB$79.99/mo

iPage’s VPS plans are a managed service running CentOS 6.4 with pre-installed support for PHP, Perl, Ruby On Rails, Python, CGI, SSI, JSP, Cron, FrontPage, Curl, GD 2, Image Magick, & FFmpeg protocols.


Plan Name:CPU:RAM:Storage:Price:
StartupE3-1220LV2 (3.5 GHZ)4 GB500 GB$119.99/mo
ProfessionalE3-1265LV2 (3.2 GHZ)8 GB1 TB$159.99/mo
EnterpriseE3-1230V2 (3.7 GHZ)16 GB1 TB$191.99/mo

iPage’s dedicated servers run CentOS with cPanel instead of vDeck and are leased under a managed framework where the company’s systems administrators maintain all of the required security updates.

iPage has some of the lowest prices on shared Linux web hosting in the industry. Because iPage uses the proprietary vDeck for server administration and domain management, they save on the license fees charged for cPanel, CentOS, and WHMCS that other hosting companies in the sector pay. You can host unlimited websites with iPage starting at just $1.99 per month with a new account discount. However, because the plan renews at $11.95 per month, it is better to lock into a long term deal on the platform.

  • $1.99 to $11.95 per month: for their Shared Linux hosting plan. See Plans
  • $3.75 to $17.95 per month: for their WordPress hosting plans. See Plans
  • $19.99 to $99.99 per month: for their VPS hosting plans. See Plans
  • $119.99 to $189.99 per month: for their dedicated server plans. See Plans

iPage has a simple refund policy where they guarantee 100% of the money back for any web hosting plan cancelled within the first 30 days of a contract. If you registered a new domain during the account sign-up process, $15 will be deducted from the amount of the refund, but you will retain control of the domain and can transfer it to another web hosting service for continued use.

iPage does not issue refunds on any domain related services such as SSL/TLS certificates, dedicated IP addresses, or domain parking fees. Any account that is suspended for Terms of Service violations will also be ineligible for a refund. Customers on auto-billed contracts need to cancel their iPage account 30 days in advance of the renewal date in order to avoid being charged for another year on the plan.

  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all hosting plans.
  • NO REFUNDS on domain names or any one time account fees.
iPage has two data centers in the Boston, Massachusetts area where they manage all of their company operations and client websites. Despite sharing platform software technology like vDeck with their sister company FatCow, the two organizations run separate data center facilities in the same region. iPage uses dynamic resource routing of web traffic requests with multiple copies of the websites hosted on different servers to optimize page load speeds and network response times.

  • DATA CENTER LOCATION #1: United States – Boston, MA
  • DATA CENTER LOCATION #2: United States – Boston, MA

iPage web hosting uses pooled server resources with network load balancing software that separates email and FTP requests from web traffic. This leads to better database performance on all websites hosted on a server, as well as faster transfer rates for web page files. Your website data will be mirrored across multiple servers to make sure it stays online even in an instance where one of the machines crashes. All of this network activity is managed via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) over Cisco routers.

iPage staff members

iPage contracts with Cogent, Level3 and XO Global in Boston for their high speed fiber-optic internet backbone connections, with Dell servers being used for the hardware across all of their client accounts.

iPage’s Boston data centers have 2400 sq ft. of climate controlled, high security warehouse space for rackmount units, with thousands of servers and petabytes of storage being maintained in each facility.

iPage employs three main channels for its customer support services: a 24/7 phone center, issue tickets, and a live chat application. The company also maintains a helpful knowledgebase of articles, tutorials, and FAQ documents for supported web hosting services on its website. Customers can take advantage of iPage’s user guide section for step by step documentation of common account settings and configuration processes related to email, FTP, domains, databases, and CMS script installation.

PHONE SUPPORT: Contact the iPage sales department or 24/7 technical support channels toll free at 1-877-472-4399. This number can be used by both U.S. and international customers.

EMAIL TICKETS: Registered customers can use the issue ticket system at iPage to solve account related problems. You can create a new ticket from the “Support” section or the account management panel.

LIVE CHAT: Use the link above the main menu on the website to launch a live chat session.

KNOWLEDGEBASE: iPage offers a wide variety of support documentation for web hosting and development related questions in their knowledgebase. Search the knowledgebase or browse by category to find solutions to frequently experienced problems on the website.

USER GUIDE: iPage’s user guide is designed to help you get started with setting up your hosting account for email, FTP, and domain management in a step by step process. You can also learn about ecommerce stores, site builders, and how to change account settings by following the user guide.


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