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GreenGeeks is an “eco-friendly” web hosting company that focuses on serving the web publishing, ecommerce, and custom development requirements of small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-up companies, non-profits, education, and enterprise corporations. GreenGeeks offers shared Linux hosting with cPanel, a VPS platform, managed WordPress hosting, reseller accounts, and dedicated servers to customers. The company operates four different data centers: two in the U.S., one in Canada, and one in Europe, with the option for clients to choose the preferred geo-location of their servers. GreenGeeks’ commitment to environmental protection principles in company operations means that they return 300% of the energy that they consume to the power grid from sustainable, renewable energy projects.

Some key features of GreenGeeks:

  • All servers run CentOS with cPanel for easy domain management and web development
  • New accounts receive a free site migration service to move files from another company
  • Host unlimited domains on one account for less than $4 per month (introductory rates)
  • Over 150 free open source scripts available to install using Softaculous & Fantastico
  • Web hosting plans include built-in PHP caching optimization for faster page load speeds
  • SSD RAID-10 storage standard on all accounts at no extra charge for the upgrade over HDDs
  • CloudFlare CDN service can be enabled in cPanel for additional website caching options
  • Recommended for LAMP development, CMS website hosting, & ecommerce scripts

GreenGeeks offers large discounts for new sign-up customers on all of their web hosting plans. The company has recently upgraded its data center hardware to include accelerated SSD storage standard on all accounts. GreenGeeks provides customers with a cPanel login for managing domains and server configuration settings, with “one click” installation of hundreds of open source scripts available using Softaculous and Fantastico. Their managed WordPress hosting is based on premium hardware with an optimized server environment that includes advanced page caching techniques, built-in CloudFlare CDN support, and enhanced security features for better overall CMS performance. Their VPS platform runs on OpenVZ, with both Intel Xeon and Atom servers available under dedicated plans. You can use our coupon for an additional discount when signing up for a new account at GreenGeeks.


Everything You Need to Know About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a well-respected web hosting company that provides a shared Linux Ecosite Starter plan, a VPS platform, managed WordPress services, and dedicated servers to customers, as well as specialized reseller hosting packages. Their servers run on CentOS with cPanel administration available on all plans.

  • SERVICES OFFERED: Shared Linux Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, & Dedicated Servers
  • PRICE RANGE: $3.95 to $439 per month
  • SERVER LOCATIONS: United States (Chicago, IL & Phoenix, AZ); Canada (Toronto, ON); and Europe (Amsterdam, NL)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Phone, Email, Live Chat, & Ticket System
GreenGeeks hosting services run on high-performance Intel Xeon servers with SSD storage. Their VPS platform is based on the OpenVZ virtualization software. The company provides managed WordPress hosting services with premier hardware and performance optimization featuring advanced page caching techniques. GreenGeeks provides free integration of websites with the CloudFlare CDN service.


Plan Name:# of Sites:Bandwidth:Panel:Price:
Ecosite StarterUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel$3.95/mo

Most site owners can select the Ecosite Starter hosting plan and use cPanel to manage unlimited domains, MySQL databases, and file transfers for advanced web development on the LAMP stack.


Plan Name:CPU:Storage:Transfer:Price:
1GB RAMQuad-Core25 GB1 TB$31.96/mo
2GB RAMQuad-Core50 GB1.5 TB$47.96/mo
3GB RAMQuad-Core75 GB2 TB$63.96/mo
4GB RAMQuad-Core100 GB2.5 TB$79.96/mo
8GB RAMQuad-Core125 GB3 TB$127.96/mo

CMS sites, ecommerce stores, social networks, & mobile apps requiring more CPU processing power or installed RAM for database support can upgrade to a VPS plan with an easy file transfer service.


Plan Name:# of Sites:Storage:Transfer:Price:
SeedUnlimited50 GB500 GB$15.96/mo
SproutUnlimited80 GB800 GB$19.96/mo
PlantUnlimited120 GB1.2 TB$31.96/mo
TreeUnlimited160 GB1.6 TB$47.96/mo
ForestUnlimited200 GB2 TB$79.96/mo

Web professionals, freelancers, developers, and social media marketers can all take advantage of GreenGeeks’ reseller plans to bill web hosting and domain registration services directly to clients.


Plan Name:# of Sites:Bandwidth:Panel:Price:
WordPress HostingUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel$3.49/mo

Upgrade your WordPress CMS sites by hosting them on the GreenGeeks managed service for better performance, faster page load speeds, optimized database support, and enhanced platform security.


Plan Name:CPU:RAM:Storage:Price:
Entry ServerIntel Atom 330 (Dual Core)2 GB1 x 500 GB$169/mo
Standard ServerXeon E3-1220 3.1Ghz4 GB2 x 500 GB$269/mo
Elite ServerXeon E3-1230 3.2Ghz w/HT8 GB2 x 500 GB$319/mo
Pro ServerXeon E5-2620 2.0Ghz w/HT16 GB2 x 500 GB$439/mo

The dedicated server plans at GreenGeeks range from power-saving, dual-core Atom processors to high-performance quad-core Xeon CPUs with 1 TB SSD RAID storage and 4 GB to 16 GB of installed ECC RAM.

GreenGeeks offer discounts ranging from 20% to 50%+ on their shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. You can save more if you sign up for a three year deal. The managed WordPress hosting costs the same as their Ecosite Starter plan, but includes premier hardware, server optimization, and software tools not found on other accounts. GreenGeeks currently only offers a single “unlimited” shared Linux hosting plan, but maintains 5 different levels of reseller accounts. The cost of the VPS and dedicated server plans is determined by the specific hardware configurations and monthly data transfer limits.

  • $3.95 per month: for their Ecosite Starter hosting plan. See Plans
  • $31.96 to $127.96 per month: for their VPS hosting plans. See Plans
  • $15.96 to $79.96 per month: for their reseller hosting plans. See Plans
  • $3.95 per month: for their managed WordPress hosting plans. See Plans
  • $169.00 to $439.00 per month: for their dedicated server plans. See Plans

GreenGeeks provides an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way with the quality of the service. However, refunds do not include the domain registration and set-up fees for the account. Additionally, GreenGeeks requires a minimum seven day advance warning from customers if they are intending not to renew an annual hosting account plan. Otherwise, your credit card or PayPal account will be automatically charged for another year of service.

In order to cancel a web hosting account at GreenGeeks, you need to fill out the cancellation form at: Following this submission, you will also need to confirm the request from the email account that is registered with the web hosting plan.

  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any reason on new account sign-ups.
  • NO REFUNDS on any accounts after the first 30 days have passed.
  • NO REFUNDS on domain name registration or account related set-up fees.
GreenGeeks maintains four data centers: two in the United States, one in Canada, and one in Europe. The company is highly respected for the quality of network hardware it uses at all levels of operations. Each data center is connected through multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers with high-speed fiber optic cables which form the internet backbone. All of the facilities include climate control, 24/7 security monitoring, fire & water detection systems, universal power supplies, and backup power generators.

  • DATA CENTER LOCATION #1: United States – Chicago, IL
  • DATA CENTER LOCATION #2: United States – Phoenix, AZ
  • DATA CENTER LOCATION #3: Canada – Toronto, ON
  • DATA CENTER LOCATION #4: Europe – Amsterdam, NL

With GreenGeeks, clients can choose the physical location of their server for improved speed in transferring files to target geographical markets. For some businesses, there may also be specific legal reasons for locating website files in the USA, EU, or Canada particularly. All accounts at GreenGeeks are subject to the same Terms of Service agreement regardless of the physical location of the servers.

GreenGeeks uses Intel Xeon Servers

GreenGeeks uses Intel Xeon servers from Supermicro in rackmount units for their shared, VPS, and dedicated server plans. Each server has a minimum of 64 GB DDR3 ECC RAM & RAID-10 SSD storage.

GreenGeeks's data center

GreenGeeks does not specifically use local renewable energy sources in powering their data centers. Rather, they return 300% of the power they use back to the grid in the form of “wind power credits”.

GreenGeeks advertises the best web hosting support in the industry, and they make it easy for customers to contact technical service representatives or the sales department. The company has a toll-free number, standard phone line, multiple email addresses for support requests, and a live chat service. Additionally, GreenGeeks offers a helpful Knowledge Base library and video tutorial archive.

PHONE SUPPORT: GreenGeek’s phone lines are open weekdays from 9 AM to 12 AM EST and weekends from 9 AM to 8 PM EST. Customers can call toll free 1-877-ECOSITE (1-877-326-7483) to talk to a technical support or sales representative. International clients can call 1-310-496-8946.

LIVE CHAT: Click on the link in the top right-hand corner of the website to launch a live chat session.

EMAIL SUPPORT: You can email sales or technical support directly at the following addresses:

  • Sales:
  • Support:
  • Billing:
  • Affiliates Team:
  • Abuse:

TICKET SYSTEM: Login to your Account Manager and click on the “Open Ticket” link in the main menu to start an issue thread. GreenGeeks customer service agents generally respond within 15 to 20 minutes.

VIDEO TUTORIALS: GreenGeeks has a video tutorial section for customers as well.

KNOWLEDGEBASE: GreenGeeks has a Knowledge Base with helpful articles about frequently asked questions related to web hosting, company billing policies, and web development with popular open source scripts. It is easy to navigate or search the articles for required information.


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