23 Aug 2011

Best Web Hosting for a Photography Business


Web Hosting for Photography

For a photographer, it is important to have a high performance web host. A professional photography website must load quickly and reliably for clients. Unfortunately, photography websites are usually laden with high resolution photos and requires far more bandwidth and processing power than most websites. Photographers will need to find a web hosting account capable of hosting and serving multimedia files. Depending on the size and traffic of the photography business, a VPS hosting account may be required.

Several good multimedia web hosts include InMotion, Bluehost, and Web Hosting Hub.

www.inmotionhosting.com – InMotion is a high speed web hosting company geared toward high performance hosting. InMotion offers massive amounts of bandwidth and hosts websites with powerful, custom built Dell R720 Servers. InMotion would be a solid choice for hosting a large photography business website.

www.bluehost.com – Another high performance web host is Bluehost. Bluehost offers fast and reliable web hosting for businesses and are capable of handling large multimedia files.

www.webhostinghub.com – Hub is an affordable web hosting company geared toward small business hosting. Hub offers unlimited bandwidth and would work great for hosting a photography portfolio website with hundreds of high quality photos.

4 Responses to Best Web Hosting for a Photography Business
  1. My web designer had recommended http://www.inmotionhosting.com. So I gave them a try and am really happy with their services. I’ve never had a problem with my website so far.

  2. Inmotion is really great because it offers a full solution of hosting services. I started off with their most basic plan, but as my website grew, I needed more and ended up switching to their basic VPS hosting plan. It runs great.

  3. I’m with Godaddy right now and my site loads so slow. Godaddy said that there was nothing wrong with my site or the size of my files but that I was on their old hosting server. They wanted to charge me to move my site to the newer server! Now I’m thinking about making the move to Bluehost.

  4. For a photography business, a good web host is really important. I know many photographers just build websites themselves and they like to post very large, uncompressed images on their website. Especially with a high resolution camera, even if you crop the image, its still not compressed right for the web. I know that the photo looks really impressive when its uncompressed because you get the best picture quality, but that does put a lot of strain on the server. Image hosting and video hosting both eat up a lot of bandwidth. Most web hosts say they offer unlimited bandwidth, but they really dont. All of them have a limit. I would not recommend Bluehost or Hub because these two only have one plan, which is a shared hosting account. InMotion is the way to go because they have multiple plans. You can try a more basic plan, and if that still isnt powerful enough, you can upgrade to a different one. This can save you a lot of time instead of having to switch to a whole different web host.


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