13 Jan 2013

The Difference Between Linux and Windows Web Hosting

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Linux or Windows Web Hosting

When looking to buy a web hosting plan, webmasters will often come across the option of choosing either a Linux or Windows web hosting operating system. For those that are new to web hosting, choosing between Linux or Windows o/s can be a confusing choice. Most beginners might be tempted to choose Windows simply because they are more familiar with the name. However, Windows might not be the best choice. So what is the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting?

In web hosting, the option of choosing either Windows or Linux simply refers to what operating system you want your web hosting server to have. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages between the two and there is no clear cut winner that would be considered as the “best” option.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting is probably the most popular choice because of its affordability and ease of use. Linux hosting is generally the best option for most webmasters, especially for those that have no web design/development experience. Linux is great for hosting WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and regular HTML websites. Linux is very secure and most websites will properly function under a Linux web hosting plan.

Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting is more expensive as it requires a license through Microsoft, but also supports the use of Microsoft based programming languages. Windows hosting is commonly used by developers for support with ASP, ASP.net, Visual Basic Scripts, and Microsoft Access databases.

All in all, most webmasters would be well suited with Linux. Windows is usually preferred by web developers who use programming languages that require a Windows O/S. Be sure to check out our home page to view all the best web hosting companies for both Linux and Windows.

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  1. Linux is definitely the most popular because of its price. For most people, they’ll need a simple shared hosting plan which is almost always linux. If they see that they have a choice, that can definitely throw them off track.

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